Sunday, February 3, 2013

ONS SEA Competition Training in May !

Competition Training Calendar

(9am - 6pm)
7 May 2013 - 3D & Fantasy by Penny Hsieh (Taiwan) Theme : Water Globe Fantasy Art
8 May 2013 - Design Sculpture by Korean Champion Educator - Lim Hee A
9 May 2013 - French Sculpture (Acrylic & Gel) by Korean Champion Educator - Nam Gung Soo

Certification Advanced Level :
ONS International Certificates : (1) 3D & Fantasy / (2) Design Sculpture / (3) Competition

* Open to all nail professionals who wants to improve their techniques
* Open to ONS Ambassador program students

Please email for registration and enquiries

Training Information

3D & Fantasy by Penny Hsieh (Taiwan) - 7 May
Penny is famous for her mastery in intricate 3D acrylic miniature characters and in this class she will take you through step by step creation of the water globe technique which she has perfected combined with the 3D cute characters in a fantasy formation. This class is suitable for all nail technicians who wish to explore a variety of techniques in creativity for fantasy art and to advance your skill in perfecting the art of acrylic 3D application.

Competition Design Sculpture by Lim Hee A (Korea) - 8 May
Lim Hee A is a master in Design Sculpture and working with colored acrylics. She has trained numerous award winning design sculpture champions in her career. Her creations are organic, meticulous and elegant. She will take you through the art of color co-ordination, visual layering, mastery of the brush and product control in 3D styling and perfecting the structure combined with design in creating perfect design sculpture nails that exudes visual refinement. If you are already familiar with 3D and embedded designs, this class will help you refine your technique, nail structure and open up a new dimension in working with visual creativity.

Competition French Sculpture in Gel & Acrylic by Nam Gung Soo (Korea) - 9 May
Nam Gung Soo is the Grand Champion of Global Nail Cup in 2008 and she has since represented Korea in world championship and trained numerous champions in Korea year in year out. Her most recent victory in the 7th Global Nail Cup in 2013 where her students took all the 3 categories of Grand Champion in Student, Division 1 and Division 2. The consistency and the structure of the nails were unparalleled and the Competition French Sculptured nails were beyond awesome. This class is not to be missed as Soo will show you how easy it is to create "consistently perfect nails" and how to master your form fitting, application and filing that is proven time and again on the competition floor regardless if you're a novice or a professional.
Nam Gung Soo - Korea Top Educator for training the most award winning students / champions
Grand Champion Student, Division 1 and Division 2 Categories are her students
Odyssey Nail Systems (South East Asia) is very pleased to bring you only the best education, to share the knowledge and our competition culture for the advancement of our nail industry.

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