Friday, April 30, 2010

ONS In Las Vegas

Kirsty Meakin concentrating...
Tammi Merrit demo-ing at the booth
Catherine Wong doing Kirsty's nails after getting a set done by Kirsty
Vannie Luu got a set of Catherine's nails
Trang Nguyen and Alisha Sale in action on the competition floor
Kirsty & Max checking out the entries

ONS Educator News in the Local Papers (Malaysia)

ONS Educator Malaysia - Stephy Pang
ONS Launch & Seminar Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Team ONS Swept 11 Awards at IBS Las Vegas !

International panel of judges from USA, Japan & Korea

Novice - Handpaint 2nd place - Kim Hyun (Team ONS Korea)
Veteran - Handpaint 1st & 3rd place (Kirsty Meakin - Team ONS)
Veteran 3D 1st Place - Shim Yeo Jong, 3rd Place - Catherine Wong (Team ONS)
Veteran Design Sculpture 1st Place - Catherine Wong, 3rd Place - Shim Yeo Jong (Team ONS)
Veteran Fantasy Nail Art 3rd Place - Max Estrada (Team ONS)

Novice Mirror Image 3rd Place ~ Jang InSuk (Team ONS)
Veteran Salon Success & USA Invitational 2nd Place - Trang Nguyen
Team ONS viva Las Vegas 2010 !

*some images courtesy of Jessica Hoel

ONS Korea Annual Educator Event 2010

ONS Korea Educator Team 2010- Photoshoot

ONS Korea Corporate office support team
There's a time for nails, and a time for fun & entertainment...
ONS Korea has the most established education team and the company has officially conferred the ONS Educator title to their 3rd generation being carefully selected from the most worthy and best talents in the country. Spent a day sharing my design techniques with them, but I have to say that they are already masters in the craft, it was a very humbling experience for me ~ Catherine Wong

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ONS Singapore Open Day

Open Day Demo
(ONS Education Team ~ Catherine Wong, Erica Chan, Joey Wong)

"Beautiful nails do not happen by accident....

We constantly keep our industry updated with the latest skill and product development with quality educational support


Demonstration by award winning ONS Education Team from Singapore & Malaysia
(Catherine Wong, Serene Teh, Patricia Wong, Sheila Tan, Stephy Pang, Celine Lam)

Click on image for larger view
ONS Malaysia - Johor Bahru on 12 April, 2010
Attendees were treated to demos in the latest products, nail designs and games
Puzzle of ONS 2010 Collections
Nothing comes between fun and puzzle, not even long nails ! ;)
We've got a winner ...nailtechs are naturally fast with their hands!
Check out the products ....

Who's the lucky winner ?
We love to give away prizes....
When nailtechs get together......we ALWAYS learn something and have Fun too !

Thank you for a great time and we'll be back for more action! Special thanks to Dias Nailpro for hosting this awesome event and congratulations on your successful launch!