Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I.GEL Pure Soak Off Gel Polish ~ Nail Strengthener Alternative

ONS is excited to launch the first 35 colors of the I.Gel Pure Soak Off Gel Polish much anticipated by its global network of more than 36 countries, which is what inspired the name I.Gel (short for International Gel).
We are certainly thrilled with this addition to our excellent product line for the Salon !

Top2Bottom is the most forward technology and quality in a soak off system that is undisputable in delivering the BEST shine and Mirror finish. We are Proud that this product has been used and trusted by all our top competitors in the Nailpro Cup in USA in perfecting the finishing touches of their competition nails !
Hey,...if it's good enough for winning competitions....needless to say more for your salon work & clients! 

Read what Catherine Wong has to say on her blog :

I need to rave about this awesome, awesome gel top coat ! It cures in LED lamp in seconds and UV Lamp in minutes.
What's so special about Top2Bottom is that it is a soak off system, super easy application and guaranteed to deliver crystal clear High Shine
You can use it 2 layers as a nail strengthener alternative, or use it as a base and a top coat for gel polish over natural nails, traditional gel nails(both hard/soft) or acrylic nails.
(Do not apply over regular nail polish as a topcoat, however you can use this as a basecoat prior to nail polish application to protect your nails from yellowing and to give it that nice smooth surface to polish)
Because it is pure soakable gel, you need to wipe off the final dispersion layer with a cleanser but I promise you, it will not dull like the generic ones, You will be pleased....Very pleased at the finish :)
I'm loving it because I've used this for all my recent competition work to deliver such gorgeous finish and I just have to share this info with all the nailtechs out there because I have tried so many soak-off gel topcoat and this one just blew me away !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ONS Number ONE !

Trang Nguyen's 1st Place US Invitational Nails - he will represent USA in the World Championship Dusseldorf 2012

The ONS Team are in high spirits for making the No.1 mark in Nailpro USA Team Cup this weekend. Congratulations to all who made top 10 as well as all who placed in all categories (Salon Success, Sculptured Nail, French Twist, Design Sculpture, Fantasy, 3D, Handpaint)
You guys ROCKED !