Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Odyssey EXTRAVAGANZA Design Sculpture Workshop

Odyssey Extravaganza Design Sculpture Workshop with Award-Winning Masters ~ Viv Simmonds (Australia) and Catherine Wong (Singapore) in Johor Bahru - MALAYSIA on 16 September 2010.

Open for Registration NOW!

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ONS Global Competition Training & Design Sculpture Class - MALAYSIA

Limited Seats left! Last chance to register. CALL NOW!

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ONS News - Malaysia Sisters Magazine @ ONS Product Launch in J.B. Malaysia

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ONS Design Sculpture Workshop with Erica Chan

Event Date: 16 June 2010
Country: Singapore

What a fun filled day doing nothing but design sculpture nails!
Attendees got to try ONS 2010 colored acrylic powder collections (10 collections) and colored gel, and create beautiful designs of their own.

Some of the demo nail designs...

Nail Designs done by the attendees.... good job, ladies!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ONS Rocks Premiere Orlando with 8/10 First Places!

Competition has never been more fun with teamwork and hard work. Our three novice girls swept eleven top 3 places between them after just one month of intensive training with Trang Nguyen, this nail icon builds top competitors! Another wonderful achievement for the team was that everyone made it to top ten, we congratulate our new members who took to the competition floor for their first time.

Competition Floor

Novice Mirror Image Winners
In Sook(1st), En Sook(2nd), Cecilia(3rd)

Veteran Mirror Image Winners
Trang Nguyen (1st), Lynn Lammers (2nd), Amy Becker (3rd)

Novice French Twist
In Sook(1st), En Sook(3rd)

Veteran French Twist
Kirsty Meakin(1st),  Lammers (2nd),  Amy McClure(3rd)

Novice Mixed Media Winners
Cecilia (2nd), EnSook (3rd)

Veteran Mixed Media Winners
Kirsty Meakin(1st), Catherine Wong (2nd), Shim Yeo Jong (3rd)

Novice Fantasy Nail Art Winners
Cecilia (1st), En Sook (3rd)

Veteran Fantasy Nail Art Winners
Catherine Wong (1st), Shim Yeo Jong (2nd), Amy McClure (3rd)

Novice Salon Success Winners
In Sook (1st), En Sook (3rd)

Veteran Salon Success Winners
Lynn Lammers (1st), Trang Nguyen (2nd), Amy Becker (3rd)

Fantasy Nail Art entries by ONS Competitors

ONS Booth

Product Demonstration by Trang Nguyen

Class with Catherine Wong at Premiere Show