Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ONE Acrylic Workshop Singapore

Precious Moments character created with Let's Get Naked / Sugar n Spice / Baby Shower Collections

The ONE Acrylic training conducted by Catherine Wong

Posters by ONS Educators

These beautiful posters were created by our ONS Educators for a poster competition.

Acrylic Powder Design

The ONE Gel & Acrylic Design

ONS Educator's Workshop in Action

ONS Educator Malaysia - Cyndy Lee

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The ONE Gel Painting Hands-On Workshop @ Premiere Orlando Show ROOM207C

Odyssey Nail Systems
Room 207C
4 June, 2011 (Saturday)
12noon - 2pm

This is an incredible hands-on step by step class that will teach you Catherine Wong's special techniques in using The ONE gel paint showcasing its maximum potential so that you can offer this artistic techniques in your business and in the competition arena. You will not want to miss out on the "NEW" limited edition full color gel painting step by step handbook that will be given out to the first 20 enrolments for this class.

(Note : Designs taught for every class is exclusive and will not be repeated)
For more information and registration information visit :

Premiere Show Orlando, FL (USA)
Select : Education & Events - NAILS - Page 49

Friday, April 1, 2011

The ONE Colored Acrylics & The ONE Color Gel in NailQueen Workshop Season 2 - JB

The ONE makes another appearance this time in Design Fantasy & Mixed Media workshop by Catherine Wong organized by Nails Addiction Academy (ONS Educator Malaysia - Sheila Tan)

Both The ONE Gel and Acrylic Colors are used to create these amazing designs

Evoke NEW ERA Competition Gel Training in Johor Bahru

This workshop was conducted by our S.E.A Director of Education - Catherine Wong and organized by Momo Nail Academy (ONS Educator Malaysia - Stephy Pang) for her students on Day 1 and also open to other professionals on Day 2. Our goal is to introduce the wonderful result that the New Era gel can achieve with our winning techniques and changing the mindset of gel application from the traditional manner. We hope to grow our competition team and also to share this wonderful technique with anyone who loves nails regardless whether they are ONS team or not.
ONS values talent and we love to build people who truly has the passion for nails for our industry to grow. Everyone deserves a chance !

See you girls on stage in the very near future !