Friday, November 14, 2008

ONS wins at Scandinavian Championship

Our Odyssey Scandinavian team took top spots in recent competitions:


Acrylic French Sculpture
Monica : 1st place (ONS Sweden)
Päivi Kurman: 2nd Place (ONS Finland)
Hanna Sokajärvi: 3rd place (ONS Finland)

Decorative French:
Päivi Savonen: 2nd Place (ONS Finland)
Hanna Sokajärvi: 3rd place (ONS Finland)

Mixed Media:
Hanna Sokajärvi: 3rd place (ONS Finland)

In Baltic Regions (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) Championship:


French sculpture:
Päivi Savonen: 1st Place (ONS Finland)
Hanna Sokajärvi: 2nd place (ONS Finland)
Junior acryl winner Sari Kantelo (ONS)

"I would like to say Congratulations to them for a job well done" - Trang Nguyen.

Competition Style Nail

Evoke "New Era" Gels - A competitors' choice

ONS new gel line - Evoke was conceived with a generous heart for a good cause and to give back to society, Trang Nguyen and wife, Vannie helped build a hospital in Vietnam and the sales generated from the Evoke line of products will contribute towards the operation of this hospital. One can feel a sense of pride to be part of a team and company culture that is force for good.

Evoke now launches the NEW ERA gels which will be available in 2009 worldwide. It is very exciting for nail artists around the world ~ not only having a gel system that performs exceptionally for education and salon work, but it will be a competitor's choice to achieve everything they want for perfection.

****MUST TRY!*****

Sunday, November 9, 2008

EMPIRE EDUCATION GROUP Competition Event - Nail Competiton Sponsored by ONS

This Empire Education Group competition event at Hersey,PA is sponsored by ONS
Hi all, this will give you an idea about the "team event" we will be having at the ONS Global Cup in Korea. Bring on your horns, banners, uniforms, team spirit and make some noise !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nailart Meisterschaft 2008 München

ONS wins in Germany Nail art competition

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